CRM for multipurpose requests processing center

Complex forms of government that have been institutionalized, bureaucratic practices and services lead to negative image accumulation. To improve and enhance on the efficiency and effectivеness of service delivery in the public sector GoodSoft team develops CRM system using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT’s) and other web-based telecommunications.
The project delivered on models G2C, G2G.

1.create multipurpose requests processing center
2.lessen hard copy paper
3.increase system transparency
4.send service request 24/7
5.increase request processing
6.integrate system with back office processes and create interactions within the entire government framework
7.optimise work with generic cases reports automatically
9.create register personal data from ID card
11.sign documents with e-signature
GoodSoft team developed multipurpose portal for public services which includes several modules: application processing, automated reports running, integration with other government departments, e-signature, e-card reading, service constructor, admin help desk.
Increased government transparancy and accountability
decreased application processing time 53% higher
increased citizens’ satisfaction of public services quality and delivery
service constructor lets unifying processes and procedures 38% higher
ID card-reader integration – reduced mistakes by 19%