CRM system

AIS Automated system for beauty salon monitoring

CRM system for beauty salons. AIS – system for monitoring various beauty salons. Keeps common customer database of various salons of the same network; controls quantity and services rendered costs, both on a definite salon and a hairdresser. Keeps monitoring of successful realization of marketing programs (sales promotions, quantity, which promotions attracted a certain client); carries out client attendance accounting, new customers increases, notifications of coming clients birthdays; discounts, certificates, discount accumulation system, employer reward program.
Techs: JSP, Spring, Mybatis, Tiles, RESTful web-services, Maven, Java Script, jQuery.
Project duration: 3 human/months

Automated management system of vehicle service stations

Purpose: warehouse accounting, manager’s work with clients, accounting documents statements, recording board realization and operations planning in a calendar. Allows to control full technological-cycle of enterprise operation, starting from products, materials on service stations and finishing with service providing. Systems maintains the following functions: warehouse accounts, work services order, managing client books, item catalogue of goods and services, goods reserving, planning calendar of service delivery. Carries out planning of product purchase, and distribution of reserved goods on warehouses. Convenient interface was realised which allows to plan efficiently and place work services order with one employer for any location.
Techs: Spring, JSF 2.0, ICEfaces, MyBatis, JavaScript, JQuery