Federal call center

The main element of government image in citizen’s eyes is quality of government services. To investigate public opinion and improve service quality, optimize processes of services delivery is necessary to develop a tool providing public services feedback. Making it easy for citizens to give feedback and empowering them to report minuses of public services, without having to escalate it into formal complaint can create a powerful feedback loop for public services.

1. Collect and analyze information upon SMS and calls
2. From reports of outbound and inbound calls
3. Quality control of operators work
4. Integrations with other call-centers

GoodSoft team developed federal call-center

1. Increasing objective assessment by audience increasing
2. Public services optimization
3.Calls and operators workload forecasting
4. Degrees analysis of citizens dissatisfaction
5. Users of public services classification
6. Integration with web-services
7. Workflow reducing between call-center and management structure