Company group GoodSoft actively uses architecture of Enterprise Service Bus in many implemented projects. Along with CryptoAPI technology and interagency electronic interaction system principles allows to create projects increasing quality and efficiency of state and private services. This year are intensively mastering Angular 2 and Spring boot.



Accomplished projects

AIS Tender development

Purpose: Electronic trade platform B2B for tendering process, auctions
Techs: jpa2(hibernate), spring, spring mvc, spring security, tiles, servlets 2.5, jsp, maven 3, ajax, jquery
Server: tomcat 7
Project: duration: 4,6 human\months

Project for Android platform

Miners safety control in mining industry. Integration with Google maps, with the help of GPS (or manual entry) it tracks user’s location. Based on the data, informs if a miner is in potentially hazardous conditions. A user inputs his ID; all the data, time, coordinates are sent to server and added to the data base.
Techs: AndroidSDK
Project duration: 8 months

Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments is a free app, that can be used for entertainment and education.
It contains 21 instruments. A user can change the number and location of the keys, use double keyboard or triple keyboard. Over 2 000 000 downloads.
Techs: Java, AndroidSDK
Project duration: 3 months

Modifications in applications “Currency Web” and “MetalWeb”

Data filtration via code TB (Territory Bank)
Purpose: part of software system
Techs: Hibernate, Spring, JSF, JSP. Software: Oracle 9i, IBM WAS 7, IBM RAD 8.
Project duration: 2016

AS VIKFP modification “Stop-lists”. Module “Contracts” AS VIK FP “Stop-lists” development: .

Purpose: Part of software system
Techs: JPA 1, Struts 2, JSP, jQuery, jQuery UI, EJB 3.
Software: DB2, IBM WAS 7, IBM RAD 8
Project duration: 2,5human/months

Web-services development for AS VIK FE “Contracts”

Purpose: part of software system
Techs:  XSD, SOAP, WSDL, JAXB JPA 1, Struts 2, JSP, jQuery, jQuery UI, EJB 3. ПО: DB2, IBM WAS 7, IBM RAD 8.
Project duration: 2,6 human/months

Company State Enterprise of Construction Expertise

Automated system of registration and control of projects expertise
Purpose: the system of operational company administration: personnel management, business process and work flow automation
Provides complete control over the business processes of organizations expertise in the Republic of Belarus. The system covers full work cycle of the organization: application delivery, filling out and processing of contacts and letters and further distribution to the relevant departments and stuff, issuing regulations, cost calculation, monitoring deadlines, creation of various forms of reporting, review of work capacity and results of experts.
The Automated system of registration and control of projects expertise has been implemented and is operated as the main software product in the expertise throughout The Republic of Belarus
Techs: JSP, Spring, Struts, Mybatis, Tiles, RESTful web-services, Ant, Java Script, jQuery.
Project duration: from 2007 and up to now

Automated control system of meat and diary products

Purpose: Enterprise Service Bus for data collection and analysis, automatic processing of data arrays with distributed objects.
AIS – provides comprehensive remote monitoring of the orders implementation for meat and diary enterprises of Vitebsk region (Belarus) and complete products analysis at each plant (range choice, volumes, prices, etc.) The system allows to obtain data directly from accounting software installed at plants.
Techs: JSP, Spring, Tiles, Java Script, RESTful web-services, Ant, Mybatis, JETTY.
Project duration: 3 person-months

Signature (transferring digital signature by means of Java)

Techs: CryptoPro JSP

Participation in modification of AIS work flow system for public authorities of Russian Federation

Purpose: work-flow automation for public authorities of Russian Federation
Techs: JBOSS, Portlets, JasperReports, Dojo, SpringJDBC, SBGWT, Ant, Postgres 9 EJB 3. ПО: DB2, IBM WAS 7, IBM RAD 8.
Project duration: 68 person-months.

Integration subsystem modernization replication and registering events for farm equipment record subsystem as a part of State Information System Agriculture Sector (quantity and status of farm equipment) CryptoAPI and SOAP integration

strong>Purpose: farm equipment record as a part of State Information System in Agriculture Sector (quantity and status of farm equipment) as a part of Russian Federation Ministry of Agriculture
Techs: Alfresco, web-services (SOAP, REST),
Project duration: 2 human/months

Development web-portal subsystem for Ministry of Economical Development

Purpose: web-portal for public discussion of projects and current standard regulations of Russian Federation authorities
Techs: Alfresco node.js, mongodb, jQuery, CryploAPI, ESB.
Project duration: 1 person-month

Final reports registry development on obligatory fire safety regulations

Purpose: web-portal for data collection and analysis for Russian Federation authorities
Tech: Primefaces (JSF), GWT (SmartGwt), IBatis
Oracle server: Glassfish, CryptoAPI, ESB.
Project duration: 3 person-months.

Service formats changing support of interdepartmental interaction, implemented within state contracts 2012

Purpose: Web-portal for collection and processing information of Russian Federation Government Authorities
Techs: Primefaces (JSF), GWT (SmartGwt), IBatis, CryptoAPI
Server: Glassfish

Project duration: 12 human/months

Risk management Automated Information System

Purpose: Risk management Automated Information System for crisis management situation room
Techs: JBoss Fuse ESB, Apache Camel.
Project duration: 4 human/months

Project 123

Purpose: ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) for information system integration
Techs: IBM Integration Bus 9.0.
Project duration: 1.5 human/months

Project 124

Purpose: Payment service in the Russian Federation microbanking area automated system
Techs: Apache Camel, Apache ActiveMQ, Web-Services.
Project duration: 3 human/months

Project 125

Purpose: service proposal multifunctional center of Russian authorities
Techs: JSF 2.0, PrimeFaces, Ibatis, RESTful web-services, Maven, Apache Camel.
GlassFish Server Open Source Edition 3.1.2, Oracle.
Project duration: since 2013 till now

Project 126

Purpose: Federal call-center for quality of public services citizens opinion collection
Techs: Angular JS, Spring MVC, MyBatis, Apache Camel, ActiveMQ.
Project duration: 6 months

Project 127

Purpose: Maintenance of register system and firnishing information automation (included in register in e-form) for regional executive authorities and local-self government
Techs: Angular JS, Spring Boot, JPA (Hibernate), jBPM, Solr, Dynamic JAXB, Twitter Bootstrap, UI Bootsrap (Bootstrap components for AngularJS), CryptoAPI
Project duration: since 2014 till now

GMP automated system – warehouses temperature monitoring

Purpose: Tracking temperature and humidity changes at warehouses and alerting users via sms. System operation reacts immediately on achieving threshold limit values, as required GMP, and gives opportunity to take actions quickly to return them on track, apart from this you can analyze risks on the basis of collected data. Updated diagrams are displayed with temperature criterion where user chooses time period. The program allows build up data about all critical situations and store it for appropriate period of time.
Techs: liquibase, mybatis, spring, apache tiles, apache poi, PostgreSQL
Servlets: Tomcat
Project duration: 4 human/months

Automated information system “Warehouse management and record automated system”

Purpose: output products automated record on customer’s site with bar object identification (code system Code 128), with further possibility of warehouses status observing and production flow. AIS provides full technological cycle for enterprise operation. System provides accomplishment of the following functions: production order (work order, bar-code printing), production monitoring, product shipment to warehouse, warehouse record, shipment to direct customer. Entry of end product monitoring with the help of data terminal (bar-code scanner).
Techs: JSP, Spring, Mybatis, Tiles, RESTful web-services, Maven, Java Script, jQuery.
Project duration: 6 human/months

AIS Automated system for beauty salon monitoring

CRM system for beauty salons. AIS – system for monitoring various beauty salons. Keeps common customer database of various salons of the same network; controls quantity and services rendered costs, both on a definite salon and a hairdresser. Keeps monitoring of successful realization of marketing programs (sales promotions, quantity, which promotions attracted a certain client); carries out client attendance accounting, new customers increases, notifications of coming clients birthdays; discounts, certificates, discount accumulation system, employer reward program.
Techs: JSP, Spring, Mybatis, Tiles, RESTful web-services, Maven, Java Script, jQuery.
Project duration: 3 human/months

Automated management system of vehicle service stations

Purpose: warehouse accounting, manager’s work with clients, accounting documents statements, recording board realization and operations planning in a calendar. Allows to control full technological-cycle of enterprise operation, starting from products, materials on service stations and finishing with service providing. Systems maintains the following functions: warehouse accounts, work services order, managing client books, item catalogue of goods and services, goods reserving, planning calendar of service delivery. Carries out planning of product purchase, and distribution of reserved goods on warehouses. Convenient interface was realised which allows to plan efficiently and place work services order with one employer for any location.
Techs: Spring, JSF 2.0, ICEfaces, MyBatis, JavaScript, JQuery