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Micro-climate monitoring in warehouses and during transportation

Pharmaceutical industry faces a long list of requirements which must be absolutely fulfilled without exceptions. How the medicaments are stored influences their efficiency and quality directly and may be of vital importance for the customers and patients.
Temperature and humidity are the necessary DMP standard elements. Each pharmacy needs to be validated. To avoid unnecessary extra costs it is necessary to conduct the monitoring of the storeroom.

1.Develop and implement software and hardware solution monitoring micro-climate changes
1. to check the compliance with the regulations and norms
Keeps track of climate change
Warns of parameters approaching critical
Generates reports and logs
GoodSoft engeneers have chosen hardware(data loggers, sensors), developed collection and analysis data system, warning system, implemented software on the customer site together with Comsystem.
-the compliance of storage conditions with the regulations and norms of GDP
-keeps costs down, decreasing manufacturing defects, emergency situations forecast
-keeps the situation under permanent control and makes timely changes
-keeps micro-climate and record keeping costs down
-keeps staff workload down with the help of automatical digital reports and logs