Document management software

One of the biggest problems that manufacturing companies face is their employees using improper versions of enterprise documents. This leads to serious mistakes, non-compliance and, as a result, lost money and resources. To address to the problem and to make an organization’s documents and knowledge management a controlled digital process, we developed the specialized software for pharma and life science companies. The software provides a powerful, reliable and easy-to-use solution for planning, creating and managing internal enterprise documentation, keeping it up-to-date and providing a timely information on changes. The system allows companies to digitize existing paper documents and to create documentation right from digital devices using customizable templates and outlines.

It has a wide range of pre-built functionality:

Unified outline for all enterprise documentation

Planning new documentation

Templates for developing new unified technical documentation

Fully digitalized creation of documents with ability to specify different access levels

Shared document review and editing

Tracking of status changes

Pdf printout after document approval

Possibility to upload existing documentation for later use in the standard template

Possibility to assign documents to employees for studying and review

Possibility to track the document studying progress

Instant informing on changes in enterprise documentation

Automated reporting

Easy access to the desirable information for any time period

Automated registration of incoming information

Monitoring of update, archival, removal date for enterprise documentation

Monitoring of issued copies

Cross-department synchronization

Archiving of documents

The new system helped significantly improve productivity of the enterprise thanks to an increased coordination between departments, regular updates to all existing documentation and timely notification of employees, reduced time to access information and to onboard new workers, and possibility of collective work on documents and data.