Environmental control automation

Accurate control of the environment during product manufacturing, and while transporting and storing goods and raw materials is critical for Pharmaceutical and Food business. Automation of environmental control is a natural next step for companies in the industry, but the newly-created systems needs to not only be cost-effective but efficient, reliable, and sustainable.

The GoodSoft team has all necessary toolset, expertise, and knowledge to create high-performance environmental control software for Food and Pharma. The systems we build provide manufacturers, freight forwarders, and warehouses with extended functionality including:

  • Automated control of environment at industrial premises, refrigerating areas, warehouses, archive facilities, and transport
  • Timely notifications and warning on unfavorable changes or approaching to permissible limits
  • Analytics and reporting on changes, adjustments, and actions taken by employees

Why you should choose GoodSoft
as your automation provider?

Proved domain expertise

We have years of experience in building advanced technology for Pharma and Food business process automation >

End-to-End project supervision

We lead companies through the entire automation process, from requirements preparation to software deployment and help with onboarding personnel

End-to-End project supervision

We’re not chasing high rates and value quality of work and long-lasting relationship over marketing