Environmental control software

Manufacturers, carriers, and warehouses regardless of their country of origin should meet strict requirements for the controlled environment where medical products are being stored. It requires significant monitoring and maintenance efforts and can become a very costly and risky process without an automation. IQ-Term is a software system designed for monitoring and managing controlled environments during manufacturing, storage, and transportation of medical products and raw materials. It provides a continuous monitoring of temperature and relative air humidity at various phases of the supply chain, data processing and visualization, reporting, and sending alerts for exceeding controlled parameters values.

The system comprises of easy-to-install wireless autonomous sensors and a dashboard for monitoring parameters, automated reporting and analytics. It has the following characteristics:

controlling the environment of warehouses, industrial premises, archives, and vehicles

sending alerts for approaching maximum permissible values.

sending alerts for exceeding permissible values of controlled parameters.

Climate change and alert record-keeping

Data visualization and print out

Implementing the solution provides
numerous benefits

For managers:

Reduced risk of goods being damaged during storage or transportation
• Massive time savings through automated parameters monitoring
• Transparency in managing the situation.
• Optimal solution for GMP, GDP, GSP and GPP compliance.

For business owners:

• Quick and simplified access to all necessary information
• Reduced human factor
• Automated reporting on storage and transportation of goods
• Eliminated overheads caused by manual work

For business owners:

Reduced number of mistakes
• Saved time for another operations
• More precise measurements