Pharma & Life Science

GoodSoft offers end-to-end technology solutions to Pharmaceutical and Life Science customers helping them transform critical business processes and organize an effective information, knowledge, and compliance management.

Our team has experience in automating complex pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution processes and possess a deep understanding of operations, terminology, compliance regulations (FDA, GMP, GDP, etc.), quality standards, knowledge and information flows. We streamline organizational efficiency across important stages of the pharmaceutical value chain:

  • Research and development including trials, reporting, and analysis.
  • Validation and compliance.
  • Testing and inspection, deviations tracking
  • Manufacturing quality control including recall and OOS management
  • Warehousing combining receipts and movements control, environmental control, and documents management
  • Data and knowledge management
  • Employees training and certification
  • Customer management including CRM, analytics, etc.

Our goal is to provide pharmaceutical companies with smart systems and reliable digital software for a more effective, agile, and data-driven business experience.


With years of experience in healthcare software development, we can meet the most sophisticated needs of healthcare service providers and digital product manufacturers. Whether you need a mobile app or a complex enterprise system, our research & development team will be able to handle the task at the highest level and at the most favorable conditions.

We realize the complexity and sensitivity of the sphere where flaws are unacceptable. That’s why our approach to healthcare software development relies on the years-proven engineering techniques, reliable systems and secure data processing tools.

Our engineering team builds digital solutions geared towards solving diverse tasks of medical companies and organizations:

  • Patient appointments and engagement management
    Scheduling your client’s visits, handling bookings, sending reminders, appointment information, and critical instructions can not be easier with a digital appointment tool. We can create a standalone appointment management software or integrate the one to your current enterprise system.
  • Patient records management
    Keeping your patients records on paper or in excel is inefficient. Allow your employees access and manage all clients’ data in seconds via a single digital platform
  • Health data collecting and processing
    Collecting and processing health data is critical for both therapeutic and preventive activity of your organization. We build software that streamlines data collection, processing, and analytics - that are powerful and secure by design – to enable a flawless data management process at both a client’s and your organization’s ends.
  • Customer relationship management
    Manage accounts, track your clients’ activity, handle loyalty programs, discounts, contract renewals, and other in a custom CRM software, tailored to the needs of your business.
  • Enterprise knowledge management
    Medical files, case reports, emails, rules and regulations, prescriptions – there are tens if not thousands of information sources that a healthcare organization work with. Make the process of handling these insights organized and coordinated with your enterprise knowledge management tool.
  • Employees training and certification control
    Always keep your staff properly skilled by leveraging training and testing activities, setting up timely certification and compliance procedures with a specialized software.

Assisting healthcare companies in their attempts of building an efficient, data-driven business processes and impeccable customer experience is our paramount goal. We’re happy to serve you not only as a technology provider but as full-time consultants.