Human Resources Management Software for Pharma companies

Workforce is the cornerstone of a company’s success and human resources management is one of the key tasks any business entity should solve. No wonder business owners put a lot of efforts and money into building an efficient and sustainable HR management process. Especially when it comes to organizations like pharma and life science where processes are rather complex, and staff needs to be properly trained, monitored, and supported by management. To help pharmaceutical companies streamline their HR management process Good Soft developed the digital solution targeted at the most critical tasks and areas.

With the HR assistant software, managers can:

Create, edit, delete employee profiles on-the-fly

Monitor contracts

Control staff certification and licensing

Provide a general access to all educational and regulatory content

Initiate staff training and assessment

Track performance

Organize onboarding process for newcomers

Simplify the process of finding answers and getting information for all employees

The solution allows companies to minimize manual labor, decrease paperwork and eliminate inefficient operations like information input and processing. It provides employees with an instant access to enterprise knowledge, documents, and resources through an easy-to-use digital interface. Since it’s vital for Pharmaceutical companies to have their employees properly trained and well-educated, we integrated the special learning mode where managers can organize individual curriculums and training programs, track progress, collect feedback, and share information with board of directors.

It provides an extensive range of benefits for Pharma companies:

Cut down cost and increase speed of document workflow

Eliminate paperwork

Reduce manual labor

Minimize the number of mistakes

Speed up information search and knowledge acquisition

Slash time to onboard new personnel

Provide additional data security

Enables a faster knowledge exchange among employees

Streamline training and skills assessment

Nurtures a digital culture within an organization

Implementing the solution helped companies save tens of hours per employee per month, significantly improve performance, stimulate collaboration and knowledge exchange and streamline staff education process. Companies also report increased motivation and satisfaction of workers due to a lower stress level and a reduced number of distractors.