Quality control systems

Ensuring high quality of production and compliance with existing norms and regulations would be impossible without thorough inspection and analysis at every stage, whether it is a pharmaceutical value chain or a food production process. On the one hand, companies need to deal with the strict regulations from FDA, European Medicines Agency, and other bodies. On the other hand, businesses now face an unprecedented level of competition. Having a reliable yet cost-efficient quality management process is becoming a must-have. By automating quality control, a company can cut on costs, reduce time spent on preparation and conducting quality checks, monitoring suppliers, keeping track of data flows and maintaining compliance.

GoodSoft develops quality management
software that can help medicine and
food manufacturers:

automate scheduling and organization of quality control procedures

create and manage all quality control documentation from a single place

make up and track protocols of acceptance, sampling and testing

register, store, and archive certificates of quality

conveniently exchange knowledge between various parts of organization

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