Business process automation

Business process is what makes up a company’s everyday activity and enables its existence. Manufacturing new products, hiring and educating people, taking orders, serving customers, and paying bills all require smooth and efficient transferring of information, knowledge, and resources.

Business process automation provide companies with technology tools and infrastructure where such work and information flows are digitalized and intelligently organized. This helps cut costs, increase productivity and quality of work, and make management much easier.


  • Get the 360° view of your personnel in a simple digitalized format
  • Reduce the volume of paperwork and manual operations
  • Take control of onboarding, learning, and certification of employees
  • Keep track of important milestones and manage personal information updates


  • Monitor all tools and inventory on a single platform
  • Get an automated 24/7 control over equipment conditions to plan timely
    replacement and maintenance
  • Store, manage, and easily retrieve control and compliance documentation
  • Manage procurement and logistics


  • Get rid of cumbersome paper documents and correspondence
  • Control all internal documentation from a single place
  • Enable collaborative work on documents, changes tracking, online verification
    and approval
  • Run information and knowledge exchange entirely digital


  • Automate receipts, outflows, and movements control
  • Maintain and regulate optimal storage conditions hands-off
  • Provide a real-time information to other departments